Reading Education

"Reading is the fundamental skill that separates students who succeed in school from those who struggle. It is essential to daily living and the foundation for future learning and lifetime success."

To ensure high reading performance for all students, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction:

  • Provides leadership and technical assistance to school districts related to the development, implementation, evaluation, and revision of reading curriculum and instruction.
  • Disseminates research on reading and learning for the refinement of curriculum and instruction and the improvement of reading performance.
  • Collaborates with national, regional, and state agencies and professional organizations having responsibilities in reading education.
  • Offers professional development opportunities to help educators improve the teaching of reading.
  • Provides leadership in teacher education programs in reading such as making recommendations for changes in reading certification and revising, expanding, and implementing changes in teacher education programs.
  • Evaluates the reading proficiency of Wisconsin students at grades 3-8 and 10>,
  • Works with the Wisconsin Legislature to develop and interpret legislation and monitors Wisconsin reading legislation and policy.
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